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Other Destination in Indonesia

        Hallo guys.. You can call me Tina Chan, but it is not my full name. Now, I live in Indonesia and I will tell you how amazing my country. When I was a child I lived in Solo, Central Java. Do you know Solo? The city of “Batik Solo”, you can find more batik shirts, handmade from batik, and other batik chlotes. Now I wander about to work in Batam City, Riau Island. It's so far away from Solo. You can call Batam with “seacoast town” because in this city is very hard to find a local people.
       Everyone in this city from various tribes. You know that my country, Indonesia has so much culture and people from Sabang to Merauke. Okayy.. know you must know all about Solo from best destination in Indonesia.


Solo, populer with Batik chlotes. This city is the north from Jogja or Yogyakarta. You can go to Solo with train from Tugu Station, near the Malioboro Market, Yogyakarta. With Pramex train you only pay 6000 rupiah or less than 1 dollar. Or with Sriwedari Express Train only 10.000 rupiah or 1 dollar. With Madiun Jaya Train 20.000 rupiah or 2 dollar. You only takers 90 menit or less by train from Tugu Station Yogyakarta. Or by plain, you can find Adi Sumarmo Airport to go to Solo. You can follow the festival witch is held almost every month.
You can show how to make Batik in the “Kampung Batik Laweyan”. In Kampung Batik Laweyan, you can see and try out how to make batik canting. There are many ways to make batik using canting apart at batik, printed batik printing and much more. Balaekambang Garden is in the north Solo. In Balaekambang Garden you can't not find a beautiful garden. Here we can only sit back and enjoy the cool air lush trees. Other place popular in Solo is Sriwedari.
        Sriwedari just a building with a little kid rides. Sometimes at night the building was used for Wayang people. Wayang is the original art from Solo whitch tells several stories like the story Pandhawa and Kurawa. When the Wayang show starts here also will feature original music arts of Java, named is Gamelan. For you are lovers of art and music, I think you should see this art also practice playing gamelan. Gamelan played by many people with different musical instruments produce sounds that held its own and has its own rhythm.
Especially about solo you do not know? hmm, typical food Solo's food is Nasi Liwet (Rice Liwet) rice mixed with sauce typical fried pieces of chicken and eggs also. You are can also enjoy in Sunday morning in the Slamet Riyadi Street. In Slamet Riyadi Street every sunday morning has a car free day, at 06 am until 08 am. You can find other food along the road. The longest street in Solo offers many activity in Car Free Day (CFD) likes jogging, gymnastics, ride a bicycle, playing bathminton and other sport. After you tired, you can rest while enjoying a variety of culinary available.


Batam Island is the border island between Indonesia and Singapore. Batam has much culture from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, India. You can find other people in Batam. Batam city is an industrial city with the most interesting tourist destinations is a Barelang Bridge. In Barelang Bridge has 6 bridges connecting the three islands, BAtam-REmpang-gaLANG. In the fifth Bridge you can visit the village vietnam.
        In the village vietnam has existing heritage buildings and graves of Vietnamese who had stopped to Batam. Then in Central Batam has Ocarina Ocean. Cool beach which has a wide range of rides and beautiful scenery. Visit to batam if you traveled to Singapore, because Batam is Indonesia, at least you are also know Indonesia. You can board the ship if you want to cross from Singapore to Batam. Because Batam is just a small island at the tip of Indonesia, there are only beach tour.

       If you want to need more information about Solo, Batam or other place in Indonesia, you can ask me debyria8@gmail.com or my phone with Indonesia code +6289696460188 or Line id: tina_puff. If you are in Batam island I will accompany you around Batam Island.
        I born to travelling around the world. I like Paris, Mon Reve: Je habiter a Paris et vous? My dream is live in Paris and you?

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