Sabtu, 12 Maret 2016

Padang, West Sumatera

      When I was travelling in Padang, West Sumatera last Januari, I think Padang is a beautiful city with two dominan culture. One of little Chinnese culture and one of big Minangkabau culture. Before I went to travelling, I search anything about Padang and Minangkabau. There is many beautiful place for you to rest and take some picture. I was very exited to can visit in Sumatera. I'm from Central Java and I will around to my country, Indonesia.

     Padang, West Sumatera hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in the year 2009. Almost all of the existing buildings collapsed and it was a potential tsunami earthquake. So, to celebrate the earthquake of 2009, the monument was built earthquake in Padang. Can you imagine about this condition? :) But now, don't worry, Padang becomes a populer city in Sumatera land.

     Besides monuments earthquake in Padang there is also Adityawarman Museum. The museum was built to commemorate the heritage kingdoms in Minangkabau. In Adityawarman Museum, you can find everytype of Minangkabau's houses, everytype of Minangkabau's symbol, and everytype of traditional weapon.

      Bukit tinggi is a little city in West Sumatera. In there the weather was not too hot with an amazing view. One place that I like when in Puncak Lawang. From above, I can see the beauty of Lake Maninjau and parts of West Sumatra. 

     The typical foods of West Sumatra called Nasi Padang. Here rice mixed with a variety of spicy sauce with extra vegetables. If you are lovers of spicy food don”t worry, because every food in Padang is hot. And don't doubt about to lawful because the majority of the indigenous population in Padang are Muslims.

     I like Padang, I like a traditional market in Padang and my favourite food is boiled corn. Do you interest to travel in Padang? I have a lot of friends and family in Padang. I'm not Minangkabau people, I just little can to speak Minangkabau language, but I love Padang. I find my new family in Padang.

If you want go to Padang, I'll accompany with you..

     Or you can visit in Solo or Batam when you travelling to Indonesia.

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